Monday, July 8, 2013

Updated a year later.....

 Bryson with his best buddy Jacob!  Love time in McCammon!!!
 A rare occasion, Maddie smiling for one, and two, taking Jenna on a four wheeler ride!!  Maddie is more of a hot rodding motorcycle kind of gal!
 Lagoon!!  I promise, Travis, Maddie and Shane were there too!!  I just hung out in the kiddie section with Jenna and Bryson!!  They had a blast and I got sick on the swings?!

 BFF time!!
I have tons of excuses as to the lengthy time in between posts!  I have 4 kids people!! (if anyone reads this anyway!)  The last year has been a blur.  My kids are growing so fast and I have anxiety thinking about Maddie moving out in 3 years to go to college!!  3 years!!  How did this happen?  We had an eventful year. We had a busy summer with girls camp and scout camp and trips to Boise!  We took the kids to Lagoon in August and it was so fun!  They had a blast and decided we must go every year!!  Shane played football again and it is always such a joy to watch.  Madison made the Hillcrest Freshman basketball team.  They were undefeated all year and Travis and I had our fair share of bleacher butt this year!!  
This summer has already gone by so fast.  Madison had basketball camps the whole month of June and I am happy to have her home.  Shane is at Scout camp right now and he was so excited to go!  Bryson and Jenna love to swim and play outside!!  Jenna starts kindergarten this year and Madison starts drivers Ed in August. Like I said, I am freaking out!!!!  My kids need to stop growing up!!
 One of many football games!! BRRR!! Idaho Falls is a cold place to live!!
 Love these two!
 He is still my most easy going little guy!!  He still loves to snuggle me!!  How long will that last?
 Shane last Halloween!!  I couldn't stop laughing!!  He would die knowing this was out there but isn't that my job?
 Maddie and some friends getting ready for the church Halloween dance!
 Honestly?  She looks way older then she is....... ;(
Oh her attitude is hilarious!  Every picture she poses for MUST be approved by her and she will ask my to delete is she is unhappy with it.......

Last October, my Sister, Mom and I went to Vegas for a girls trip.  We had a blast but we don't ever feel the need to go back to Vegas!  We laugh most of the time and eat stupid crap BUT it is sooooo fun and I am so thankful for my mom and sister!!!! love love love them!

I cannot forget the fish!! Last year Travis and I went to Mexico for a wedding!!  It was such a fun trip!!!  On the last day there, the men decided to go deep sea fishing, and I said "not for me!! I get sick watching video games" haha!  Anyway, Travis comes back to tell me he caught an 8 ft Sailfish...and was going to send it to the taxidermist......let's just say, for a man who never hunts, fishes, or anything like that, he spent ALOT of money on that fish and has now become the family joke.  I want everyone out there to know it is still for sale!!  I will make you a good deal!
 Shane's 12th birthday!! New suit for new Priesthood duties!!  love this boy!  He has sure grown up
 We sure love this little white girl!  Travis tells her she is beautiful all the time.  Cracks me up!!  Jenna put these glasses on her and she left them on!!  too funny
We are so lucky to have such great grandmas and grandpas!!!  
This is all for now....I will try to do better but no promises!!

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  1. So much fun. Sounds like a fun and exciting year around your house. I think I will pass on the fish though. :)