Monday, April 27, 2009

Kanine Krunchies Song!!!!

Go Madison!!!! What a little broadwaystar!!! Like someone else we all know.....not gonna mention any names....ha ha!! Madison is part of the GATE Program at school..(Gifted and Talented-I know, gets it from me-totally!!!) For a couple of months she has been practicing 101 Dalmations the musical!! Ok, so I am not sure this could have gotten any cuter!! I loved it!!! She did such a great job!!! Go Maddie!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bryson, "I really love cars Dad"

Dad, "Me too!"

Bryson, "Dad, if you turn your car over, will it say Hot Wheels on the bottom?"

Dad, "........." Tried not to laugh!!!

How Cute is that!!

Bryson and Jenna Rockin out!

Easter Morning

This is a picture of the kiddos with their new Easter Sunday clothes!!! They are growing up so fast. They loved their special treats left by a "Secret Someone" Bubbles were Jenna's favortie thing ever!! She could hardly keep her balance for being so excited!!!