Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Halloween!!

Jenna loves her brother! This was taken Halloween day, just felt bad I didn't get Shane in his gangsta costume too!! Mother of the Year award goes to me!!
This is what Madison does instead of trick or treating!! Over~achiever!! I love this girl!

Thanks to my friend Lindsey for loaning us this super cute Lady Bug costume because I am too cheap to buy a costume!!! LOL She looks so cute!!

What up??!?! My gangsta son! Haha! Today was his birthday, the big 8!! More pics to come on that!! Plus his baptism that happens next week!

Hahah! Travis and I Pioneers at the Ward Halloween Party!! We decided we didn't want anyone to know the real "gangsta" us and decided to tone it down a bit!! Hahah! We are so wild! LOL
p.s. where are my pics of SHane you ask? Well he was much to cool to do Halloween festivities with his boring family so we let him go with his friends for the first time. I was a wreck but he proved to be responsible so we will see how next year goes!! My kids are growing up!