Sunday, January 30, 2011

Updated BLog

Ok, so I am the worst with keeping up with my blog! I mean, four kids keep me pretty dang busy! I have added several posts. Since I am not an experienced blogger, they are not in order. I meant to start with family pictures and so on....OH well. I can't believe it is 2011 already! I know people always say time flies, but it seriously does! The older our kids get, the older we get! (Well Trav anyway!) hahah! Happy New Year everyone!

Happy Birthday Jenna!

She is funny! She didn't want to blow out the candles! Madison and SHane ended up helping her!
This is how ghetto we are.....Travis and I spent 7 bucks on her for her bday! I went to Mickey D's and got her 4 My little Pony horses from the happy meals. She loves those things! I am thinking it is the only year we are going to be able to get away with that! haha

Grandma Linda gave her this Barbie and Barbie horse, which Jenna was telling me she wanted for a month now! The Barbie's clothes actually cover just about every inch of her! WOW! We sure love our little Jenna! She is very smart, knows her alphabet by sight, loves to sing, and cuddle! She loves to play with Bryson....Poor Bryson! She wants him to play all the time! Someone told me I needed to have another kid so Jenna had a playmate...well.............Bryson can be her playmate right??!?!?!? Haha! We are thankful for our familY! I am one lucky MAMA!

Christmas 2010

Bryson get some How to Train Your Dragon Stuff!!

Maddie scored on a Kindle!

Shane's favorite team! He really wanted a BSU Jersey!

Jenna loves Strawberry Shortcake! After opening this, she refused to open anything else! We should have just got her one thing! (We got her 3)
Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We sure did!

Bryson's Baptism!

This isn' the greatest pic of all of us, but it was a beautiful day!
I I love baptism pictures!

Love these guys! Bryson was so happy that day!

Family Pictures!!

Here are some great family pics!! ( I think they are great! I love my family!)
This one is just funny of me and Jenna!!

So, Jenna pretty much refused to smile! She still looks so cute though and I can't believe my baby is getting so old!


My beautiful, almost teenage daughter.
Yeah, I'm freaking out....alittle!

I love this picture of her! She looks so tall!

SHANE!! A.K.A.: T So handsome! Getting
ready to get those braces off!!!

I'm in trouble with this guy!!

BRYSON!! A.K.A: Bruce! Haha! So Smiley!
He smiled without teeth because he doesn't have any!
All of his front teeth were pulled to make room! That was
6 plus months ago!! Maybe someday his teeth will make a
surprise appearance!

Man, I love this KID!

I am so thankful for our great friends! I am thankful that he took our family pictures and edited them all! We stole his whole day away! I love how they turned out!!! I am one lucky lady with my beautiful little family!!