Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh Yes I DID!!!!!

Heck Yes I did!!! FINALLY!!! I got this girl, who's hair is dangerously close to a skullet, into pig tails!!! Yes!!! I have been waiting along time to get something cute in her hair!!! AND, NO, I don't care that she was saying, "owie" when I was fastening the pony tails!!! I know, I know, Mother of the Year!!! But seriously, how cute does she look??? Especially with that little "Bucky Beaver" space in between her two front teeth?? I love this little girl!!
Madison and her friend all ready to go to school
with this sweeeeet 80s hair~really big and really

Crazy hair day at school!!! AND~crazy face day too apparently!!! Love these boys!! The keep thing interesting for sure!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shane Advancing to a Bear

After a lot of work, on both our parts, Shane has finally received his Wolf and can now advance!!! I am proud of his effort and am glad that we are moving on the next level!!! I am so thankful for his scout leader who kicked my rear into shape and got me going!! YAY Shane!! We are proud of you!

I wanna be just like my Sissy!!

We came out in the living room to find Jenna being a big girl and (acting-like) reading like her big sis!! I couldn't help it. I love this picture!!! Soooo funny!! She asks us, "Where is Sis?" at least 5 times per day while the kids are at school!! LOVE IT!
Playing some volleyball in Harkness Canyon!! Jana and Kryssie!!

Go Bryson!!!

All of us waiting to see if the ball was actually going to go over this time!!

Me hanging out with Jenna!! Filthy baby!

Seriously, the cutest couple ever!!~~ Travis' Parents!

So funny!!! Jenna got her pants caught on the motorcycle trailer and they ripped all the way down!! It was awesome!! We left it like that all day!! I didn't think I wanted to ruin another pair of pants!! Now she can match her Uncle Troy. I am thinking he has a pair just like these with a matching tear!

Labor Day Weekend

A couple of pics of us camping over Labor Day!! We had so much fun!!! Even Jenna did great!! The kids wanted to go every weekend until winter, oh yeah, it would seem that winter is almost here with all this cold weather!!!

Travis' dad is the best!! He loves to play the guitar and sing.....All Jenna would do was STARE at him!! What a great memory!! We are lucky to have such great parents!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bryson's New Back Pack!

So, I take Bryson out to pick out a backpack tonight. He had his heart set on a camo backpack with a wallet...I know, it is all about the wallet!! So, we get to Sears and we can't find it. I thought for sure we'd be ok to get it the next time we were out, in hopes he would find one he liked better, but when we got there...nothing.....I could see the tears brimming. So, I told him I would make sure he found one he loved just as much. We were walking out and off to the side, in a weird random spot, there it was!! The backpack!! Someone probably hid it so they could come back later..............too bad for them..Hey Man, You snooze you LOSE!! haha. On the way home, he tells me, "You are the bestest MOM ever, I just love you amphibian" I am like, "What's amphibian." I know what it is, just wondering why he said it in that context. He says, "You Know, the highest number there is" So I say, "Oh, you mean infinite" HE says, "Yeah, that is what I said, amphibian" OH man, it was all I could do to not laugh right there in his face. He is so funny. ....Makes me smile!! Love my Bryson!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Happy Couple

Here is a picture of me and my super cute hubby!!!
I am one lucky lady!!! August 10th will be our 13th wedding anniversary!!! YAY!! I am so lucky to have this wonderful man in my LIFE!! LOVE YA BABE!!

Most of the gang that went!!! I love love LOVE the pic with Travis and Jenna!!! So cute!!

Alittle family photo at the Falls....Not too bad of a pic, considering the sun was right in our faces!!! Had a great time with Paul and Julie!!

Our good friends Paul and Julie and Bailey came to visit us this last weekend. Of course we took them to our favorite place, REEDS DAIRY, and then we took them to the Falls.....Fed the geese and just hung out and played games all weekend!! FUN TIMES!! Thanks Paul and Julie and Bailey for coming!

We took the kiddos to the falls with my friend Becky and her kids. We packed a picnic lunch and had loads of fun!! Of course, Jenna was in love with the Geese and wanted to catch them...Now, that was funny!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Me just chillin with my Bryson!!! Look at that smile!!! Seriously, he makes me laugh!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I don't know about you, but this is Jenna!! Travis has prided himself on knowing that all our kids look like him, which is ok with me, but I think I needed one, just one, who looked like me!!!

Cutest Picture EVER!!

I love love LOVE this picture!!! Every mom needs a HUGE sunglasses shot!!! She loved wearing my sister's sunglasses!! Too cute to not post!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where is your button?

Here is a clip Jenna finding her favorite thing!!

Her button!!! So cute!! At the end, she seeks

comfort by rubbing her cheek with her beloved

Baby's (bear) bum!!! haha. Funniest thing ever!!

She rubs her face, feet, hands, legs and arms with

the bear tail!!! Makes us laugh, that is why I had to

Post it!!

Here are some pictures of my boys too!!! Bryson
loves playing in the dirt with his friend Shannon!!
They have alot of fun together!! This
pic of Shane and Jenna is sooooo like her!! She
absolutely loves her brother and goes to him
when she needs him to "SAVE" her!! So cute!!

Random PIctures!!

Here is a current pic of Jenna!!! I know, I know, the binky!! Here's the thing~keeps her quiet!! She loves to climb the ladder which scares me to death!! She is a little scary when it comes to climbing~no fear!! Do you like the SKULLET? Where is her hair? By now, Madison had french braids...but, whatever

Funniest Picture EVER!!

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! This is the funniest picture EVER!!! Could my sweet hubby be any cuter??!!! HE is sooo funny!! Keeps me laughing!!!

Madison's Room Makeover

We are almost done with Madison's room!! I don't have a before picture, but since this house is new, just picture a very plain and boring room, and then you have this super cute one!! The polka dots are vinyl (my new favorite thing) My mom came and helped hang the chair rail~she is the new BOB VILLA!! There are still a few things to do, like have Travis hang the mirror and magnetic board~~~~I covered her name with scrap paper and modge podge!! YAY!! She is happy!

Madison's Fun Weekend with her BFF Araysia

Madison and her BFF Araysia Barbosa had the oppurtunity to go see the Jonas Bros concert in Nampa!!! (Thanks to the Barbosas!!) She had so much fun and loves to spend time with Araysia!!! Here are some pics of them!! Check out how close they are~They had fabulous seats!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Basement Progress

So, it doesn't look like much, but, we have made huge progress in the finishing of our basement!!! A friend of ours came over yesterday to give Travis some advice and instead, he stayed all day and helped get most of the lighting and electrical done!! We have a few more lights, some outlets and 2 phone lines left....then we will be ready to insulate and sheetrock!!! Yay oh YAY!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bryson's Bike Crash!

So, tonight while Bryson was riding his bike over a jump that the neighbor kid has, he crashed and hit his forhead on the road.....Of course he came home crying and when his cousin asked him what he did, this is what he said, "Well, I was riding my bike and suddenly my helmet was gone and when I crashed I hit my head." Suddenly?? That is his new word!!! It cracks me up. Travis and I have really been pushing the helmet thing!! Just thought it was funny what he said and if I remember, I will post a picture of the goose egg!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bryson Kingergarten Program

This is Bryson, with his friends, Keegan and Shannon! This is the day they had their kindergarten program!! It was so cute, and cute to see all the kids, including mine, wave to their parents right in the middle of a song!! It is very important to make contact with the audience!!!

Pinewood Derby!!!!

So, Travis got a little carried away.........I had to keep asking him if it was HIS pinewood derby, or Shane's?? ha ha. I think they should have a Derby just for Dads!! His car was successful, he won 2 races and lost 2!!! Go Shane!!!