Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Halloween!!

Jenna loves her brother! This was taken Halloween day, just felt bad I didn't get Shane in his gangsta costume too!! Mother of the Year award goes to me!!
This is what Madison does instead of trick or treating!! Over~achiever!! I love this girl!

Thanks to my friend Lindsey for loaning us this super cute Lady Bug costume because I am too cheap to buy a costume!!! LOL She looks so cute!!

What up??!?! My gangsta son! Haha! Today was his birthday, the big 8!! More pics to come on that!! Plus his baptism that happens next week!

Hahah! Travis and I Pioneers at the Ward Halloween Party!! We decided we didn't want anyone to know the real "gangsta" us and decided to tone it down a bit!! Hahah! We are so wild! LOL
p.s. where are my pics of SHane you ask? Well he was much to cool to do Halloween festivities with his boring family so we let him go with his friends for the first time. I was a wreck but he proved to be responsible so we will see how next year goes!! My kids are growing up!

Friday, October 15, 2010

We are Gangstas

Hahah! Travis and I are gangsta wannabes!!! We had so much fun with friends last weekend and we decided to let our true colors shine!!!! Seriously, my man is so wonderful! Lucky Lucky ME!

Something new!

Jenna LOVES her Grandpa! I don't blame her, he is the best Grandpa ever!! They came to visit again and parked their big blue bus out in front of our house!! I got texts from my friends saying, "move that bus, move that bus" hahah!! Pretty funny! Travis' parents are golden!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Happenings....

Wow!!! It is hard to believe this summer is half way over!!! It pretty much rained the whole month of June, but now we are having some great weather! Windy, but sunny and warm, I WILL TAKE IT!! June was pretty slow for us...the best part of it was when my mom and sister (and her kids) came to visit for a week!! We had so much fun and I am always amazed at how much I laugh when my sister is around, and how well all of our kids get along...I didn't have to break up any fights during the whole week....and we are talking 8 kids!!! My sister and I worked out everyday and she loved the classes that I am taking! My mom built me some awesome shelves (she is the next Bob Vila) and planter box, and a beautiful shelf in Shane's room (we also painted his room, pics to come) It was a busy busy week!! And yes, I cried when they left..not embarrassed to admit those kind of things!
This month is going to be crazy....We went to Yellowstone, Madison has girls camp, we are going to Boise for a week because my mom is retiring and my niece Sara is getting baptized!! This month will go by fast I am sure and today I got a wild hair and decided to potty train Jenna...nobody else was going to do it so I guess I had to.....she just did great...here is hoping to a great day tomorrow!!! I do have a funny story about her that I wanna post......Last week I gave the kids MUG root beer with their dinner...Jenna got some too. I gave her less then 1/4 cup afraid she would spill...she kept coming in for refills..maybe 3 times....all of a sudden she was on the tramp telling me that she wanted her Binky and baby (her most prized possessions) and she was telling me she was sick and wanted to go night night....I was holding her and asked her if she was going to throw up...she said yes so I ran her to the sink...YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE MAN BELCH THAT CAME OUT OF THAT LITTLE GIRL!!! Seriously, it was LOUD AND LONG! I was laughing so hard, especially after she said, "all better mommy" SOooooo FUnny! Well, I finally added some stuff to the blog and I even added Pictures!! Goooooo Jamie!

Our Visit with LIssy!!!

This is my Lissy! I have known her for 14 years! She is 17 now and pretty as ever! She was able to come spend a few days with us and I am soooo happy that she did!! She is so very special to us!! We love you Lissy and can't wait til you come see us again!!!


So, I did a little feet draggin with this Yellowstone trip, but I have to say it was a nice nice nice day!! Yellowstone is beautiful!! The only thing I would change is the amount of time spent in the car!!! We decided that Old Faithful would be our last stop that day and when we got there we only had to wait 5 minutes!!!...then, back to the car for the looooong ride home!!! It was loads of fun to hang with Travis' family!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Willy Wonka!!!

My Madison, my little broadwaystar!!!! She was an Oompa Loompa (sp?) in the schools GATE play!!! It was really cute to see her perform!!! Love it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jenna on Video

Jenna missing her daddy!!

This is Jenna and her friend ANNA...she calls her NANNA...She came over to play this morning!!! They had so much fun playing with the goggles and I got a LOT of laughs out of it!!! Funny gals!

Seriously, I was dyin over here!!! This was such a laugh at the Jensen's this morning!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

She can Play!!! Go Maddie!!

I would like to say she gets all her talent

from me.....but it would be a lie!! The girl is so

driven and self motivated!! She has a great

piano teacher and she works really hard!! We are

pretty proud of her!! Go Maddie!

Bryson made a Dinosaur display at school!! Shane's first BIG project..Making a covered
His Favorite favorite favorite subject! wagon for his Pioneer Unit! He got a little
Help, but mostly he did it!! Great job Shane!
Jenna's favorite passtime, eating bananas and watching Enchanted while waiting for church!!
LOVE the piggies!!! Her mullett may be growing
out after all!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Sweet Bed~Head!!!

I know, I know, I complain so much about her mullet...and the fact that I have had to cut off the back 2 times now, and still hardly any hair on top....But~when she woke up this day, I was laughing pretty hard....that is some sweeeeeet bed head sister!!! LOVE IT!

Madison Gets a Snuggie!!!

For Madison's 12th birthday, we got her a snuggie, which is what she desperately wanted!!! We also gave her cash so she could go on a shopping spree!! With all her babysitting money saved up, along with her birthday money from Travis and I, she had $285 to go shopping with!!! i was a little jealous!!! We spent the day shopping!! She got a ton of clothes and even bought herself an ipod touch!! It was a great day for her!!! We are just so proud of her and her hard work!! SHe is the best big sister ever!! She works hard in school, plays the piano like you wouldn't believe and is such a great example!!! We just love our Maddie!

No excuses!

So, I am a loser blogger......Haven't updated this thing in months...I would like to say that I have just been so busy that I haven't had a second to get on the computer but that would be a lie....I "accidentally" blow too much time on Facebook!!! I am realizing it is dangerous place and now I don't post anything on there at all!!! I love to instant chat and see what some of my friends from C~town are up to!! I will try to update the last couple months!! The new year came in with a bang!! Travis is busier than ever.....(sigh of relief) and the kids are just doing great!! I currently have no complaints.....Oh wait, my sister just had her baby yesterday and I am not there to help, hold, kiss, cuddle....her baby that is...My sister isn't really into the whole kiss cuddle hug thing....at least with me!!! haha. Jenna turned 2 on the 24th of January, which is hard to believe..she is such a joy in our family!!! Madison turned 12~yes I did say 12 on February 3rd......I HAVE A DAUGHTER IN YOUNG WOMENS!!!!! I can't believe I am that old...or that I have been married for 14 years (this year)...Where did the time go!!?!?!? SHe is loving Young Womens and I secretly mourn every Tuesday night when she goes to mutual and I do not.....I LOVE YOUNG WOMENS too!!! Shane is busy busy with sports and playing with his friends...We are getting ready to try out basketball and he is so excited for that!!! Bryson is going to give soccer another chance.....Last year, he spent more time spinning around and chasing insects to actually call it playing....We laughed more at his "distractions" then cheered on his playing!! But that is ok, he is gonna try again, and for those of you who know Bryson, he will get good use out of his uniform...Like last year, I had to make him wear other close..he wanted to wear his uniform, which was dark purple, including knee high purple socks everywhere we went....He even tried to wear the purple socks to church!! Luckily I caught him!!! We are closet "W.T" which I like to joke about!!! Jenna is doing well!! SHe is a typical 2 year old and doesn't know the meaning of "just a sec" LIke when she asked me for some milk, I said, "let's go get some" she starting screaming when I walked away from her, with the expression of, "why aren't you carrying my cup of milk in your back pocket?" sheesh!! Gotta love em!! I will try to be better about updating this blog!! I have made some great friends and I am thankful for that!! HOpe everyone is doing well!!