Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shane Advancing to a Bear

After a lot of work, on both our parts, Shane has finally received his Wolf and can now advance!!! I am proud of his effort and am glad that we are moving on the next level!!! I am so thankful for his scout leader who kicked my rear into shape and got me going!! YAY Shane!! We are proud of you!

I wanna be just like my Sissy!!

We came out in the living room to find Jenna being a big girl and (acting-like) reading like her big sis!! I couldn't help it. I love this picture!!! Soooo funny!! She asks us, "Where is Sis?" at least 5 times per day while the kids are at school!! LOVE IT!
Playing some volleyball in Harkness Canyon!! Jana and Kryssie!!

Go Bryson!!!

All of us waiting to see if the ball was actually going to go over this time!!

Me hanging out with Jenna!! Filthy baby!

Seriously, the cutest couple ever!!~~ Travis' Parents!

So funny!!! Jenna got her pants caught on the motorcycle trailer and they ripped all the way down!! It was awesome!! We left it like that all day!! I didn't think I wanted to ruin another pair of pants!! Now she can match her Uncle Troy. I am thinking he has a pair just like these with a matching tear!

Labor Day Weekend

A couple of pics of us camping over Labor Day!! We had so much fun!!! Even Jenna did great!! The kids wanted to go every weekend until winter, oh yeah, it would seem that winter is almost here with all this cold weather!!!

Travis' dad is the best!! He loves to play the guitar and sing.....All Jenna would do was STARE at him!! What a great memory!! We are lucky to have such great parents!!