Sunday, October 16, 2011

A couple of updates on the Jensen Family!!

Jenna's first day of preschool! She is most proud of her new backpack! She had a hard time at first but as the days go by she is enjoying it alot more....doesn't help that her mom is one of the teachers!! She loves to sing the songs all day long that she learns in preschool!
Bryson playing soccer! He just loves to be a part of the team and had a fun season this year!! He also loves to wear his soccer uniform to school, to sleep, to eat, to whatever we are doing! So funny! I love this easy going little guy! Can't believe he will be 9 in 2 weeks!
"Are you bored right this second Bryson or what?!"
Bryson in action!!! LOVE!
Travis' parents came for a visit, I didn't get a picture of Grandma but I couldn't help but post this one of Grandpa....This is what Travis will look like! They look alot alike!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Boys!! One of them loves scouts, the other one doesn't...Can you guess?!
HAHAHAHAH!! So funny Maddie!! Wanted to try on Shane's shoulder pads and jersey!
Arrow of light ceremony....oh man, Shane was NOT happy today so it was hard for me not to laugh or take his picture because he was THAT unhappy!! The face paint was the worse part for him.
LOVE these boys!

Friday, October 14, 2011

An Update?!? I know, don't pass out!

Go Sandcreek Football! Shane!! #46
Yep, that is him with his legs in the air! It was so fun to watch Shane play football this year! He played flag, but this was his first year on tackle football! Through the season he scored 3 touchdowns and ran a whole bunch of yards....and I learned alittle more about the game!! Not sure I "LOVE" all the bruises but that is just the Mama Bear!
He caught the ball and ran a few yards!!
Shane running the ball, right on the edge!
Love my Maddie!
Shane's Birthday, Travis and the neighborhood kids played some homeade games!! So funny!
Funniest Picture of Shane!! We couldn't stop laughing!!
Shane chose Orange Leaf for his birthday place! YUM!! Can't believe he is 11! Just can't believe it!
Travis almost burned the house down with all those candles! Such an old man! haha! Jenna sings, "Daddy's old" over and over...sometimes she will leave what she is doing just to come into the room where Travis is and tell him he is old! I can't help but laugh! It is so Funny!