Sunday, June 21, 2009

Basement Progress

So, it doesn't look like much, but, we have made huge progress in the finishing of our basement!!! A friend of ours came over yesterday to give Travis some advice and instead, he stayed all day and helped get most of the lighting and electrical done!! We have a few more lights, some outlets and 2 phone lines left....then we will be ready to insulate and sheetrock!!! Yay oh YAY!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bryson's Bike Crash!

So, tonight while Bryson was riding his bike over a jump that the neighbor kid has, he crashed and hit his forhead on the road.....Of course he came home crying and when his cousin asked him what he did, this is what he said, "Well, I was riding my bike and suddenly my helmet was gone and when I crashed I hit my head." Suddenly?? That is his new word!!! It cracks me up. Travis and I have really been pushing the helmet thing!! Just thought it was funny what he said and if I remember, I will post a picture of the goose egg!!!