Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bryson Kingergarten Program

This is Bryson, with his friends, Keegan and Shannon! This is the day they had their kindergarten program!! It was so cute, and cute to see all the kids, including mine, wave to their parents right in the middle of a song!! It is very important to make contact with the audience!!!

Pinewood Derby!!!!

So, Travis got a little carried away.........I had to keep asking him if it was HIS pinewood derby, or Shane's?? ha ha. I think they should have a Derby just for Dads!! His car was successful, he won 2 races and lost 2!!! Go Shane!!!


We went to McCammon Memorial weekend, to work, work, work!!! You have to work the land in order to play on the land!!! The kiddos had a blast and got dirty!!